How to Calibrate a Zebra ZD200 Printer

When you’re changing label stock or ribbon, you may need to recalibrate your Zebra printer. Read the below guide for re-calibration information.

Run a SmartCal Media Calibration

The printer needs to set the media parameters prior to printing for optimal operation.

The printer will automatically determine media type (web/gap, black mark/notch, or continuous) and measure media characteristics.

IMPORTANT: After the initial calibration to a specific media is completed, it is not required to perform additional calibrations each time the media is replaced. The printer automatically measures the media to adjust for small changes in the media characteristics while printing.

Pressing the FEED (Advance) button once or twice after a new roll (from the same batch) of media has been installed, will synchronize the labels.

It is then ready to continue printing.

SmartCal Procedure

1. Make sure the media is loaded properly in the printer and the top cover of the printer is closed.

2. Press the POWER button to turn the printer on.

3. Once the printer is in the Ready state (STATUS Indicator is solid green), press and hold the FEED button for two (2) seconds and the STATUS Indicator flashes the first time. Continue to hold the FEED button until it has flashed 2 more times and immediately release the FEED button.

4. The printer will measure a few labels and adjust media sensing levels.

5. When the printer stops, the STATUS indicator will turn solid green.